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The Benefits of Using CDI Home Inspections:

  • Buy or Sell Homes with Peace of Mind

  • CMIA Certified and Insured Property Inspectors    

  • Depth of Technical Knowledge and Experience

  • CDI Follows The American Society of Home Inspectors Code of Ethics (ASHI)

  • Reliable, Easy to Understand Reports with Color Photos providing you with valuable information.

  • Single Family, Multi-Unit, Condos, Mobile Homes, Residential Earthquake Safety Inspection

  • Flexible Scheduling To Meet Your Needs

  • Serving Southern California

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Our inspectors examine these essential features of your property: 

  • Roofing System      

  • Electrical Systems 

  • Kitchens and

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Foundations 

  • Garage & Driveways 

  • Exterior Finishes 

  • Pools and Jacuzzi

  • Attic and
    Crawling Space       

  • Plumbing Systems 

  • Water Heaters 

  • Heating &  Cooling 

  • Earthquake Bolting

  • Doors & Windows

  • Balconies and Decks

  • Fireplaces & more…