10 Ways to Organize for the Big Move

You found your dream home, and now it’s moving day.  Moving from one home to another can be a stressful project, but if you can follow these sensible steps it should make moving much easier.

1.  Picture your things in the new place.  Will they fit in the new home or will it just clutter up the space?  You can have a yard sale for the items that you don’t need anymore or donate them to an organization that helps others.


2.  Reduce what you’re storing. Go through the attic, basement, garage, closets, cabinets and shelves.  Don’t moving anything you haven’t used in years.  When you’re down to the items worth keeping pack them up.


3.  Trim CD and DVD collections   Put discs in binder sleeves and throw out the cases.  If you already have your music on computer, think about tossing or donating the CD’s.


4.  Put important papers in a fireproof box.  If you don’t rent a safe deposit box at the bank, put documents like birth certificates, passports, marriage certificate, property deed, and wills in a fireproof box.  Bring it with you the day you move or put the contents in your carry-on bag if your flying.


5.  Back up computer files.    If a computer is damaged in a move, data can be lost, so back up all files.  Buy an external hard drive, memory sticks, or use an online data storage service.


6.  Label computer an TV cables and power cords.  Identify each wire with the device it connects to.  use colored dot stickers to match jacks and plugs on devices.  This saves tones of time when setting up after the move.


7.  Tackle the outside stuff. Walk through your garage and outdoor areas and get rid of anything old, broken, or no longer needed. Pack what’s left.


8.  Use a labeling system.  Color code box labels by room.  Write a label on each box in a bold marker.  (kitchen utensils, dishes).  Wrap fragile items in newspaper or in  foam.  Label “Fragile” on the box.


9.  Keep a moving binder.  Include packing list, a zip-top bag with memory sticks or other computer data backup, info from your moving or truck rental company, to-do-lists, current bills, checkbook, everything you need currently available.


10.   Create a stack of essentials.  Collect items you’ll need right away when you move: paper plates, basic tools, trash bags, box cutters, light bulbs, toilet paper, soap, paper towels, shower curtain, bath towels, sheets for each bed, bedroom curtains, snacks, a fun movie to watch on your laptop. Pack them last on your truck.


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