Earthquake Seismic Inspections

California is a known to have many earthquakes due to seismic activity near the San Andrea’s fault.  At any moment the next “Big One” can hit and it doesn’t hurt to be ready.  Here are some tips to help you and your family during a situation like this.

First, you should always have a first aid kit and medical supplies nearby.

Secondly, Have a safe place in house stocked with canned food, water, blankets, flashlights, batteries,  radio, toilet paper, and hygiene supplies and extra cash for emergencies.

Third, Make sure  that you don’t have any loose or shaky furniture, and you want to avoid standing by the window and shelves during an earthquake.  When it hits, its best to to remain calm and find cover under a table or bed while covering your neck and head. Stay away from power lines, and if you smell gas leaking try to locate it. Do not light a match, use the stove, smoke, or use anything flammable.  Open windows and doors or go outside for fresh air.  Call the Gas Company or Fire Department to inspect the leak.

CDI Earthquake/Seismic Inspections – we are experienced and ready to inspect your home foundation to determine if it is minimally fortified for a seismic event.  Our inspection doesn’t take very long but can have long lasting benefits as you will be better informed about your home’s foundation.

Elements we look for are cripple wall shear strengthening and foundation bolting; two key elements required to resist earthquake forces.

Living in California requires an understanding that we have earthquake from time to time and that we must prepare ourselves for them.  Many homes in California are not structurally built to withstand a strong earthquake.  It is important that your home be in condition to survive an earthquake with minimal or no damage.  The California Earthquake Authority provides earthquake insurance for homes; they also have a program to provide up to $3000 for you to earthquake retrofit your home.  You can find more information about their program at


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