Here is some home inspection advice, based on the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers!

What Goes into a home inspection?
A home inspection gives the buyer an impartial, physical evaluation for the overall condition of the home and items that need to be repaired or replaced.  The inspection provides a easy to read and informative report on the condition of the structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and ventilation, air condition, and interiors.

Why is it important to get a home inspection?
You don’t want to be surprised with any major repairs or defects. The inspector will identify any structural or operative issues that would effect your decision to purchase a property.

Do I need to be there during an inspection?
It’s not necessary to be there during an inspection, however we need you or your agent to give our inspector access to your property, secure any pets and sign-off on our findings. You can call us after the inspection if you have any questions about our findings. We will be happy to answer any questions and explain maintenance tips for specific areas.

How long will the inspection take?
An inspection is typically 2-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the property.

Does the inspector make repairs on the subject property?
CDI follows the American Society of Home Inspector Code of Ethics. Conflict of interest does not allow the inspector to perform any repairs on the property. We can give you suggestions for repairs and refer qualified contractors to perform repair work needed to be done.

How much does an inspection cost?
The cost of a home inspection depends on the size, condition, and location of the home, Please call us for a price quote.

How will my inspection report be delivered?

The inspection report will be emailed to you.  If you don’t have an email address we can mail a hard copy report to you.