Home Energy Saving Tips


Being energy efficient in your home can not only  help you cut your energy use in half and help you save money, but it can also help to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet.

Here are some Home Energy Saving Tips:

1. Turn down the water heater pilot.  If you need help, call the Gas Company and they will adjust it  to the  appropriate setting.  Also wrap it in a water heater insulation blanket.  This can reduce heat loss by 24-45 percent.  “If  half of US households did so, it would prevent 239 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.” says Green American

2.  Take shorter showers.  Try to limit  showers to 5 minutes.  Install low-flow shower heads.  One 5-minute shower per day will use only 12 gallons per day versus a conventional head that uses 15-40 gallons per day.

3.  Lower thermostat to 59 degrees at night.  Use extra blankets or keep a robe near your bed if you need to use the bathroom or get a drink of water.

4.  Use cold water to wash clothes. This also saves on wear and tear.  Air dry clothes if possible.  Use an energy efficient washer and dryer, and use the washer and dryer in off peak times.  This can reduce the amount of dirty          coal plants.

5.  Turn off the lights.  Shut off the lights when you leave a room.  It also helps tremendously by installing energy efficient light bulbs.  Put porch lights or outdoor lights on a timer., and use solar lights on pathways.

6.  Unplug appliances that you’re not using like the toaster or coffee maker.  Many appliances will use  power even when they’re turned off.

7. Install Ceiling fans in the rooms used the most.  Use a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner to cool your home as much as possible.

8. Install ultra-low flush toilets in your bathrooms.    Four flushes per day will use only 6 gallons of water compared to a conventional toilet that uses 14-28 gallons per day.

9. Use an energy efficient model refrigerator. Secondly, clean the coils yearly to keep it running efficiently.  Eliminate a 2nd refrigerator if you have one.

10. If you hand wash dishes fill the sink up with warm – hot soapy water, and use it to wash all the dishes then rinse in  cold water.


Putting these home energy saving tips into use  will definitely cut down on your energy usage and put some green in your pocket.

Sources: California Water Conservation, Green American

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