Need a Certified Home Inspector in Alhambra?

Need a certified home inspector in Alhambra? Here are things you need to look for:


  • Are they Certified?
  • Are they a member of a recognized association like ASHI?
  • Do they have Errors and Omissions  Insurance?
  • What type of experience do they have?  They should have related experience such as a General Contractor,  or Realtor.
  • Are they a local inspection company.  You don’t want an inspection company that’s based out of state.
  • They should ONLY do inspections so you get an unbiased opinion.
  • What is their availability for scheduling the inspection?
  • How long will the inspection be?
  • What’s included in the inspection?
  • What is included in the report?  color photos,  a narrative or check list report, a summary of marginal or defective issues of the property.
  • How soon the report can be completed and delivered to you.

This should be helpful  in  finding a Certified Home Inspector in Alhambra.


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