Two Important Things To Do When Buying a House

You found the house of your dreams.  What’s next? It’s important to take the following steps to ensure your purchase goes smoothly.  Get pre-qualified for a home loan that way you can stick to your budget, and also may motivate the seller to accept your offer.  Ask your agent to recommend a mortgage loan agent  or find a bank or credit union that can help you.   Make sure you do this early on so that the escrow will go smoother.

Also another important action is scheduling a home inspection.  This will help in giving you vital information of the current condition of the property your about to purchase. The inspector may discover a defective light fixture or a leak under the bathtub which is causing water damage or indicate a slight odor coming from the gas meter.  The inspection will alert you to any of these  issues.  Most inspections are 2-3 hours.  You can ask your agent to recommend an inspector or you can search the internet.  Make sure they are qualified and ask them questions about your inspection.

Getting  loan approval and scheduling the inspection are beneficial steps for moving in to your dream home!



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