Useful Tips To Prep Your Home For Sale

Ever wonder why some houses look more attractive to potential buyers?  Here are some useful tips to prep your home for sale.

  • Potential buyers have a sharper eye than you think.  Trim bushes, clean walkways, and replace tattered welcome mats with bright new ones. 
  • Time for Spring cleaning.  When tackling a room, start with ceiling fans and light fixtures, then work you way to the baseboards.
  • Let buyers picture their life in your home, not yours.  Hide family photos, tuck away toys and remove prescription drugs from your medicine cabinets.
  • Before an open house, light a candle with a soft, neutral scent.  Think fresh laundry, lemongrass, and beach breezes.
  • To prep your home for sale, give walls and floors new life.  Erase streaks and shoe scuffs by dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on a napkin and wiping the area.
  • Clean windows.  If you don’t like to clean windows hire a professional.
  • Organize and/or clean the garage.  Potential Buyers appreciate a garage with ample storage space.




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